Is This the Finest Architectural Stone Known to Man?

Arch Stone 1

Riverstone Architectural is the diamond of the architectural stone world.

SSQ’s signature stone is not actually slate, it is phyllite. Harder, denser and stronger than slate, phyllite is the perfect stone for flooring, cladding, stairs, skirtings, worktops, copings, swimming pools, sills and patios.

With only a handful of sources known worldwide, commercially accessible phyllite stone is rare. Riverstone is one of very few top quality phyllite stones available.

What Makes The Finest Architectural Stone in The World?

Arch Stone 2The unmatched beauty, strength, and quality of Riverstone makes it the finest architectural stone in the world. But each of our clients have a specific reason that makes Riverstone the finest in their eyes… what is it for you?

Is it simply the unrivalled beauty, strength, quality and versatility?

Is it because it’s the most exclusive architectural stone in the world?

Is it the fact that every slate comes from a single seam of rock that is 560 million years old?

Is it because it is used in the most prestigious projects worldwide?

From The Four Seasons in New York and the Hilton in Helsinki, to the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong and the Grand Lisboa Casino in China…

…From private luxury homes in London and Oslo, to an exclusive Private Members Club in Denmark…

…From the prestigious Topography of Terror Museum in Berlin, to Blenheim Palace, the monumental stately home in Oxfordshire…

They all required something special. They all wanted the absolute best. They all choseRiverstone.

If you are looking for the absolute best – that something special for your architectural project – then you have come to the right place.

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Like No Other Slate You’ve Ever Seen

Arch Stone 3 OriginalSlate is formed when mudrock is buried deep beneath the earth’s surface and exposed to great pressure and temperatures that would make the mercury in your thermometer boil instantly. When you leave slate ‘in the oven’ for a little longer, it becomes phyllite.

Hand split, just like slate, Riverstone natural phyllite has a slightly coarser grain and a unique satin-like luster, making it the choice of the most discriminating architects across the world.

Just as this satin ‘phyllitic sheen’ helps to distinguish phyllite from slate in the field, it will set your project apart instantly.

Riverstone’s naturally riven surface and coarser grain makes it more slip resistant than regular slate, so it is the perfect flooring material.

It’s medium grey colour with the slightest hint of green will make your architectural project as breath taking as it is rare.

There are only a handful of phyllite sources known worldwide, and even fewer that are able to split the stone at the thickness required to be suitable for use as a versatile architectural stone product.

We Own The Mountain so You Can Be Sure of The Quality

archstone quarryWe own and operate the San Luis quarry in La Repressa, deep in central Argentina, between the sprawling Pampas and the majestic Andes. Quarried for centuries, our prized reserves date back 560 million years to the pre-Cambrian era.

Every Riverstone slate comes from the same high quality seam of rock, so you can be sure that you’ll get consistent quality, effectiveness and extraordinary beauty with every single slate.

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Tested to The Highest Levels

Riverstone Architectural is stringently tested and achieves the highest possible classifications across the board – as you would expect.

This is why it is selected for commercial projects where versatility, unwavering quality and durability is key.


Quality, Four Ways

Arch Stone 4Riverstone is available in 4 finishes: Natural Split, Brushed Antique, Honed or Flamed

Riverstone is available in four unique finishes, so you can get the exact look you want:

Natural Split – Expertly split by hand with a traditional riven surface. The rough surface caused by splitting the rock along its natural line of cleavage is ideal for areas that require a high level of slip resistance.

Brushed Antique – A smooth, matt finish, retaining the properties of the natural riven finish. Brushing softens the texture on the hand split riven surface.

Honed – A glossy finish that enhances the veining and general appearance of the stone. Honing the rock’s surface removes the riven finish to give a smooth, flat surface. It also darkens the surface of the stone to a gunmetal grey colour and enhances the veining, making it ideal for use as floor or wall tiles, a dramatic panel feature or a beautiful work surface.

Flamed – A high-temperature flame reduces the riven surface to leave a highly textured finish but with a natural look and feel. Improving on nature’s work is a skilled task and produces an inspirational finished stone.

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