SSQ’s Riverstone Slate Re-used In Rebuild

falmouth resized

By re-using 12-year-old SSQ Riverstone slates from the original build, a bungalow in Falmouth, Cornwall has undergone a complete rebuild whilst preserving the original look of the roof.

The new owners of the property decided they wanted to replace the loft space with an additional floor, accommodating three bedrooms. Upon discovering how old the walls of the building were however they decided to rebuild the structure from the ground up, preserving 12-year-old Riverstone slates from the existing roof in order to complete the new build.

Paul Marks of Marnick Roofing said: “The bungalow was built around the 1960’s and the walls had deteriorated, so the new owners decided to rebuild rather than just add to the structure.

“They really liked the look of SSQ’s Riverstone slate that was already on the roof and after finding it had been on there for 12 years already and still looked great, we decided to re-use the slates since they clearly offered a reliable, long lasting roofing option that would retain the look and feel of the property once rebuilt. The new build also has a steeper roof pitch than before so it was good to see the slate was able to adapt to the new demands too.”

Offering a 100 year guarantee on its Riverstone slate, SSQ is confident that its slate will really stand the test of time, preserving the natural appearance associated with slate. With only a handful of sources known worldwide, SSQ’s Riverstone slate is one of very few top quality phylitte slates available. Its unique satin-like lustre makes it a frequent choice for prestigious projects over the world.

Commenting on the Falmouth project, Haroun El-Helw, Head of Marketing said: “It’s great to see the Riverstone slates originally installed on the property 12 years ago being re-used – with the original guarantee still valid, that gives the slates a minimum remaining service life of 88 years. It’s fair to say that many alternative roofing materials may not have stood the test of time quite so well!”

Woodside Green Christian Centre, Surrey, Riverstone, Ultra grade

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Location: Woodside Green Christian Centre, Croydon, Surrey
Architect: Martin Hewitt / Turner and Hoskins Architects, Edenbridge
Slate Used: SSQ Riverstone®, Ultra grade, Grey roofing slate

The Woodside Green Christian Centre is a charitable trust renowned for its work with children in the west-Croydon area, its new £1.7million home providing an outstanding example of how imagination can use the versatility of natural roofing slate.

The church lies at the heart of the centre and is surrounded by meeting rooms, apartments, offices and operational areas. Above them, the various roofs provide a slatescape that showcases what can be done with roofing slate – providing you have the imagination and skill! A shallow-pitch (22.5º), multi-valley roof tops the apartment block and an octagonal roof with a similar pitch sits above the main entrance foyer.

But the conical roof on the church is simply breathtaking. With a diameter of 19m, a pitch of 25º and an arc of 270°, it’s covered with hook-fixed roofing slates laid in a diminishing-course pattern. The remaining segment of the circle thrusts out of the cone, soaring upward to form the church’s tower, the glazing in its ‘cut’ faces allowing light to flood into the church below. Behind this, the tower’s roof takes the shape of an inverted kite with a central ridge forming a spine that runs from the tip of the tower down to the rear of the church. Fabulous!

Del Carmen Treatment For New Zealand House


Suffering substantial earthquake damage earlier in 2014, the roof of a residential property in Christchurch, New Zealand has been given a new lease of life following the installation of 13,500 of SSQ’s Del Carmen, Ultra grade, slates.

Following investigations, the previous slate installation had proved too brittle – following the damage to the roof, the Earthquake Commission approved the removal and re-usage of the slate, however it was discovered that only 20% of the original slates were suitable to use again. With that in mind, it was decided that a high-quality, timeless slate would be required to fill the void – step forward Del Carmen from SSQ.

The Ultra grade from Del Carmen comprises a selection of slates put together from the best available rock cleavage at the quarry. This cleavage of rock is such that the material is able to achieve exceptional levels of flatness and consistency, whilst still retaining the distinctive riven appearance expected of premium natural slate.

Carl Hamlin, General Manager for Enable Roofing said: “Using a copper nail fixing method to deliver a stunning aesthetic finish, the Del Carmen slates were all laid by the end of November 2014 meaning the residents could move back in time for Christmas. Due to the style of the building, we needed to make sure that any new materials installed were in keeping with the original look and feel – SSQ’s Del Carmen slates blend in perfectly – you could almost say that it looks as though the roof has always been that way!”

He continued: “We’ve received some great feedback from the homeowner – in fact, they said it has added a quarter of a million dollars to the value of the property, which is great news!”

SSQ’s Del Carmen slate is tested to NF228 standards – the world’s leading slate standard introduced in France which tests for water absorption levels, flexural and transversal strengths, density and the carbonate and non carbonate content. This independent testing procedure ensures that NF certified slates will not rust or leach and importantly, will not fade over time.

Based on this testing coupled with the slate’s track record of proven performance, SSQ offers a 100 year guarantee on its Ultra grade of Del Carmen slates.

Del Carmen Ultra Earns Its Stripes

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With over 30 years’ experience in the slate roofing industry, SSQ has been selected to provide 185,000 of its Del Carmen, Ultra grade, slates to the Royal Military Academy in Surrey.

Fixed directly to the battens with 38mm x 3.35mm copper nails, in order to deliver a sleek, uniform look that would blend in well with the prestigious aesthetic of the building, SSQ’s Del Carmen Ultra slates span twelve roofs at the military academy based in Sandhurst, covering an impressive 9,700 sq m in total.

Simon Mawer, manager of installer, C.E.L said, “SSQ’s Del Carmen Ultra slate was primarily chosen due to how cost effective we felt it was. In order to preserve the building long into the future, we needed to sympathetically update the academy, without compromising its traditional aesthetics. Del Carmen Ultra not only provided the ideal look we required but was also the most financially viable option too, given the sheer scale of the project, so it was an easy to decision to make.”

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, commonly known simply as Sandhurst, is the British Army’s initial officer training centre. Whilst the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst was formed in 1947 on the site of the former Royal Military College, the main building itself dates back as far as the early 1800’s, further adding to its historic credibility.

Boasting a 100-year guarantee, key to the renovation of the building, SSQ’s Del Carmen Ultra is sourced from an exclusive slate quarry in the Cabrera Mountains of North-West Spain. It is consistently hand picked by architects around the world for its unrivalled beauty and exceptional high quality. The unique colour is totally natural and will not fade, even in the strongest sunlight.

Howzat For A Slate Roof!


Working with Balgores Roofing to bring the mixed-use project at Kent County Cricket Club (KCCC) to life, SSQ has supplied in excess of 8,000 m2 of its Del Carmen, First grade, slates for installation on the roofs of new homes surrounding the club.

The residential part of the mixed-use scheme, which comprises 48 detached three, four and five bedroom houses, required materials to be used that would help complement the surrounding landscape and traditional architecture. As such, SSQ’s Del Carmen First slates were selected in order to preserve the very specific look and feel that the new build properties needed to achieve.

Ian Mitchell, Senior Surveyor from Balgores Roofing said: “Meeting the NHBC’s roofing standards, SSQ’s Del Carmen First slates were a great fit, combining the aesthetic look and feel the properties needed without compromising on the ability to meet very certain standards. In order to achieve a sleek, uniform look, all slates were nailed into place – the roofs are certainly worthy of their new home at the site of the prestigious cricket club now.”

An exclusive slate from the Del Carmen quarry in the Cabrera Mountains of North-West Spain, Del Carmen is consistently hand picked by architects around the world for its unrivalled beauty and exceptionally high quality.

The unique blue-black colour is totally natural and will not fade, even in the strongest sunlight – what’s more, its distinctive faintly rippled riven texture and characteristic longitudinal grain makes it ideal for use all kinds of project.

SSQ’s Del Carmen slate is tested to both the NF 228 and ASTM roofing slate standards – widely recognised as the twin leading global slate testing procedures that test for water absorption levels, flexural and transversal strengths, density and the carbonate and non carbonate content. These testing procedures ensure that the slates will not rust, leach nor fade over time.

Based on these results, a minimum lifespan of 75 years is expected and SSQ provides a guarantee of this duration to reflect this future performance.

Coopersknowe, Scotland, Matacouta

coopersknowe 1

Location: Coopersknowe, Scotland
Slate Used: Matacouta

SSQ Matacouta Slate is Scotland’s adopted gem, the ultimate in natural roofing slate.
Cut from the finest Cabrera Mountains of North-West Spain, Matacouta is a favourite of Scottish architects as an alternative to indigenous Scottish stone.

Find out why these Scottish architects are choosing Matacouta as an alternative to the unavailable Ballachulish slate: Click here to download the Matacouta brochure

Scotland has a unique architectural style. The buildings in Scotland can’t be rivalled anywhere else – a subtle blend of design environment, history and natural materials has created a traditional character that is worthy of a trademark.

New Look For Dartford Cottage

Domiz cottage1

In order to restore character to the structure, a cottage in Dartford, Kent has undergone a roofing makeover, with 4,000 of SSQ’s standard grade Domiz roofing slate tiles replacing the old roof.

The previous bevel shaped roof slates on the cottage were over shaped and had lost adequate headlap, which led to the roof leaking. The owners, who purchased the property in 2014, wanted to restore the character to the 170-year-old building and felt that one of the most effective ways of achieving this was to replace the old slates on the roof. The owners also wanted a cost effective solution that wouldn’t compromise on quality, as such, SSQ’s standard grade Domiz slates were selected.

Paschal Fennelly of Roberts Roofing said: “Replacing the roof wasn’t just a standard slating job – it was important to the new owners that the character be restored back into the structure following the demise of the old roof slates. SSQ’s standard grade Domiz slate worked perfectly as a match for the original slates.”

“The slates were cut to a specific design, with some being hexagonal and the others being square. Nailing the different shaped slates alongside each other allows for an interesting and detailed design. Importantly for the owners, SSQ’s Domiz slate also came in on budget too which goes to show that aesthetic beauty can be achieved on a budget of any size.”

SSQ Domiz with its natural rich, blue-grey colour will not fade even in the strongest sunlight or harshest environments, regardless of the grade selected. Tested in accordance with EN 12326 and carrying the CE marking, Domiz slate is covered by a 50-year guarantee making it ideal, as it is likely to outlast the structure it rests upon.

The cost of the standard grade is less than the 1st grade Domiz slate, and even though extra labour is required in comparison to 1st grade when it comes to laying the slate, the savings made on materials make it a worthwhile investment. Plus, despite the additional grading and sorting, the end appearance will be just as consistent and as beautiful as a 1st grade slate roof.

Forrest Place, Surrey, Domiz Blue-Grey

forrest place 1

Location: Shere, Surrey
Slate Used: SSQ Domiz Blue-grey roofing slate

Forrest Place is located close to the centre of the village of Shere and falls within the Shere Conservation Area, the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and an area classified as being of Great Landscape Value.

Although the development replaces old commercial premises, its location in such an aesthetically sensitive area meant the design, material and workmanship had to be, to quote contractor JG Brooks, “Absolutely top-notch”. And they are.

A number of shallow roof-pitches, along with the need for a natural material that would complement the local ‘Shere Green’ colour, prompted the architects to choose slate as the preferred option with SSQ Domiz Blue-grey roofing slate being specified. Construction and detailing throughout the development is exemplary (the complex roof intersections provided a notable challenge) leaving everyone – planners, residents and villagers – happy.

Domiz Is The Choice For Gloucestershire New Builds

SSQ Domiz

Around 18,000 of SSQ Slate’s 500cm x 250cm Domiz slates have recently been installed as part of a new, exclusive housing project in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire.

Comprising one six-bedroom and four five-bedroom newly built stone houses, the project required an affordable roofing slate that would fit in aesthetically with the design of the new homes.

Tom Wiseman, specifier and main contractor for Cedar House Construction, said: “The houses were built using a combination of stone and brick, so we needed to find a roofing material that would complement the appearance of the smooth Ashlar facing stone to the front and the rustic brick to the rear.

“SSQ’s Domiz slates proved to be a perfect fit, ticking all the boxes on an aesthetics front and in terms of cost and availability. Since the look of the completed project was so important, the slates themselves were then nailed into place to help achieve a sleek finish.

“Both us at Cedar House Construction and the new home owners themselves are very happy with the way the finished project looks – the bold texture and blue-grey overtones provide a beautiful finish, complementing the appearance of the exterior façade incredibly well.”

Head of Marketing at SSQ, Haroun El-Helw, said: “We take great pride in our Domiz slate. It offers the appearance and long-term performance of a Welsh blue-grey slate, at a fraction of the price.”

Tested in accordance with EN 12326 and carrying CE marking, SSQ’s Domiz slate is strikingly similar in appearence to Welsh slate. Covered by a 50-year guarantee, Domiz slate’s natural rich, blue-grey colour will not fade – even in the strongest sunlight or harshest environments – regardless of the grade selected. This means the striking appearance of the roof is guaranteed to look good for decades.

Moulsford Preparatory School Sports Hall, Domiz Slate

domiz mulsford preparatory school 001 1000x650

Location: Moulsford-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
Slate used: SSQ Domiz Blue-grey roofing slate

Moulsford Preparatory School stands proudly above the River Thames midway between Wallingford and Pangbourne. The design of its new sports hall is a radical contrast to the school’s traditional red-brick and clay-tile main building and makes a striking addition to the banks of the river.

“The conservation officer influenced the building’s design and suggested that a boathouse-style building would be appropriate for the location.” explained architect Mark Webber. “Its style, and the materials used, would provide a contrast to the main building but without dominating it. The design featured a multi-level roof with a shallow, 25° pitch, limiting the choice of roofing slate to those strong enough to withstand wind-lift, the inevitable noise associated with it and, of course, possible failure.”

“We specified SSQ First Domiz Blue-grey roofing slate for both technical and aesthetic reasons – its strength and quality gave the performance needed and its cold, hard, colour provides a dramatic foil to the rich warmth of the western red cedar walls.”

Sarria “Ultra” on a luxury development in Egerton Park

4627 06

Location: Egerton Park, Merry Hill Road, Bushey
Architect: Confidential
Slate Used: SSQ Sarria® Ultra roofing slate

It’s no accident that the Banner Homes Egerton Park development of eight luxury detached five-bedroom properties takes the name of a distinguished sculptor: it really is a study in excellence.

Situated not far from Junction 5 of M1 on Merry Hill Road, Bushey, the project is named after the late Charles Egerton Browne, who for many years lived at Haydon Dell, the site of the new houses.

Browne is renowned for his legacy of animal sculptures, created in bronze. So it is appropriate that Egerton Park should provide such a robust case study of both materials specification and building work that is exemplary for the luxury end of the market.

Banner Homes’ own brochure for the development sets out their stall clearly; speaking of “lifetime homes” and aiming to “surpass our customers’ expectations on every level”. Even the interior decoration in these houses is protected under guarantee, so it’s essential that absolutely every part of this project lives up to its grand billing.

By way of example, take the roofs: they must last, and guarantee not only exceptional looks, but also exceptional performance. Natural slate was chosen because it provides the quality and appearance required for a luxury development. Simply put; artificial alternatives just wouldn’t look right.

Specifiers also needed to consider the fact that the developers insisted that Egerton Park complemented the looks of the picturesque surrounding village, with its historic buildings and distinctive skyline.

SSQ’s Sarria Ultra brand of natural slate fit the requirements perfectly, giving a deep blue-black colour to every roof. In sunlight, the slate has a smart sparkle and distinctive blue tinge overall. Sarria Ultra is an exclusive range to SSQ, which is pre-sorted for maximum consistency of thickness; its natural colour won’t fade, in spite of consistent exposure to direct sun or even harsher environments.

Each of the homes in Egerton Park is unique in terms of its layout, but as a group, the eight must work together within the development. Sarria Ultra slates were chosen because they lend the project the required uniformity of looks.

Consistency of supply was just as important as consistency of appearance. The schedule of work for Egerton Park was tight and the quantity of slate needed large; this slate was chosen because of its continuity and UK availability with a short lead time.

Matt Jackson of Banner Homes, said: “Banner Homes developments always have quality and durability at their heart, no matter where the location. We deliver high specification houses that are designed to last for a millennium but don’t compromise on looks.

“We chose SSQ’s Sarria Ultra slate for Egerton Park because it complements with the eye-catching materials already used in the surrounding village. It gives us an attractive, uniform look across the eight properties, as well as consistent width, the availability we needed, and the guarantee of high performance for years to come.”

Luxury developments demand quality, durability and great looks from all the materials used; and this one is no exception. The use of Sarria Ultra fulfilled these requirements, and the roofs at Egerton Park really do add to the overall beauty of the project. Charles Egerton Browne would be proud.

Kensington Baptist Church, Kensington, Sarria

kensington church 1

Location: Kensington, Brecon
Architect: Robert J Cruwys Architect
Slate Used: Sarria First, 500 x 300

If you are looking for unfading colour and a smooth, flat finish then Sarria is for you.

Sarria slate is a deep blue-black colour with a distinct blue tinge in sunlight, and is attractively speckled with inert mineral inclusions. The colour is totally natural and will not fade, even in the strongest sunlight or harshest environments.

The rock splits cleanly and the consistently flat surface of the cleave gives a smooth appearance across the roof’s surface.

Luxury Home, Oslo, Riverstone Architectural

Private DwellingLocation: Oslo, Norway
Architect: K. Jarmund Architects, Oslo
Slate Used: SSQ Riverstone® architectural stone

Set in a residential suburb of Oslo, the interior of this listed, two-storey town house has been transformed during its refurbishment. A large, deep basement was converted into additional living space and offered the opportunity to reconfigure the building’s internal layout. Natural materials have been used to provide an ultra-modern look that’s as practical as it is stunning.

Just over 144m2 of SSQ Riverstone architectural stone (from the Honed and Naturalranges) were used in the project. Each piece was individually cut to meet a detailed cutting list and the entire order was ready for despatch within just three weeks of it being received. In place, they create a wide stairway with an integral, stepped seating area on one side that cascades into the basement living room bringing with it light and space. And in each of the three bathrooms, subtle lighting highlights the rich colours and veining in the floor and wall tiles.

In the words of the architect: “I’ve specified Riverstone architectural stone on previous occasions so have no doubts about the ‘wow-factor’ it offers …The colour and texture of the stone complements the other natural materials perfectly … It’s a beautiful stone to work with and I’ll definitely use it again on future projects.”

Swimming Pool and Spa Area, Denmark, Riverstone Architectural

Location: Karresbaekminde, South Peninsular of Sydsjaelland, Denmark
Architect: Ai-Gruppen, København K
Slate Used: SSQ Riverstone® architectural stone (internal flooring)

Located in the popular holiday destination of Karresbaekminde, the south peninsular of Sydsjaelland, is this beautiful new members club, with a very inviting swimming pool. Set in an idyllic landscape; the natural light that beams through all the large windows combined with soft interior lighting, bounces off the Riverstone picking up the lightening streak veining, creating a most calming and relaxing environment.

The materials that were initially considered for use were; Brazilian green slate and Burlington Brandy Crag; however Riverstone won the specification due to the beauty of its appearance and its durability. The architect decided to use a mixture of finishes and sizes to create the visually stunning design as seen in the photographs. Riverstone flamed, brushed antique and honed were used for the flooring areas, brushed antique for the skirting and honed slabs for some of the finishing details.

Riverstone has been tested to all relevant EN standards for architectural applications, to which it conforms, plus the BS12370:1999 for reaction to salt crystalisation. Even though there are no published guideline limits for this test, the stone was unaffected by the testing and thus is considered to offer good resistance to salt crystallisation effects, so a highly suitable material to be used for these kinds of projects.

Hilton Hotel, Helsinki, Riverstone Architectural

Hilton HotelLocation: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Finland
Architect: Doos Arkitekter AB, Stockholm
Slate Used: SSQ Riverstone® architectural stone (Natural finish)

The 246-bedroom Hilton Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Hotel is the airport’s first ‘upscale’ hotel and offers travelers state-of-the-art facilities in a contemporary design with a Finnish theme. The hotel’s interior has been designed to reflect Finland’s dramatically rugged, yet enchantingly beautiful, landscape and draws inspiration from the country’s lakes, rock and forests.

Although indigenous Finnish limestone was initially considered for internal cladding in the reception area, its practicalities led the Hilton’s architects to specify SSQ Riverstone architectural stone, a non-indigenous alternative that has proved very successful in other Hilton Hotels presenting a similar natural theme.

Riverstone is a phyllite and has been used as a building material for centuries. With the decision made, around 300m2 of SSQ Riverstone architectural stone was used to clad specific walls in the hotel’s hi-tech reception area and Bar Gui with striking results; its use providing a perfect backdrop against which to present other materials that characterise Finland’s natural, national identity.

Kreissparkasse Wiedenbrück Bank, Germany, Riverstone Architectural

KW BankLocation: Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany
Architect: Ludger Westkämper GmbH, Herzebrock-Clarholz (Construction management)
Slate Used: SSQ Riverstone® architectural stone (Brushed Antic finish)

The town of Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock lies in the district of Gütersloh in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and is home to the latest branch of the Kreissparkasse Wiedenbrück bank. SSQ Riverstone architectural stone was selected as the choice of floor covering from a variety of different stones presented to the architect.

The new branch opened in March 2008. SSQ’s chairman, Ahmed El-Helw, was invited to the opening ceremony and was delighted to be told by Kreissparkasse Wiedenbrück’s managing director that, “I’m so impressed with the quality and beauty of the stone used for the flooring that I would like it specified in the design of all future banks we are building throughout Germany.”

Kreissparkasse Wiedenbrück has already bought sites for the next seven branches and these should be open within the next five to seven years.

Siftung Topographie des Terrors, Berlin, Riverstone Architectural

Topographie des Terrors

Location: Berlin, Germany
Architect: Heinle, Wischer und Partner, Berlin, Germany
Slate used: SSQ Riverstone® architectural stone – flooring (Brushed Antique finish)

The Topography of Terror museum opened to the public on the 7 May 2010, exactly 65 years to the day after Germany’s unconditional surrender ended the Second World War in Europe. Located in the centre of Berlin, the museum occupies part of the site of a complex of buildings that once formed the headquarters of much of Nazi Germany’s state security regime: the SS, SD, Gestapo and RHSA. In 1986, while the area was prepared for redevelopment, the discovery of large sections of the original cellar walls of Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse 8, the Gestapo’s offices, prompted a citizen’s campaign to conserve the remains of what had once been its notorious ‘house prison’. Within a year, the barren site, land once occupied by buildings that had housed a murderous terror machine, had become a memorial and open-air exhibition that used the remains of the cellar walls as a chilling backdrop.

Two decades later, with over half a million people visiting the site, work started on architect Ursula Wilms’ prize-winning design for a permanent, €25 million, state-funded exhibition centre and library. Thankfully, the new building makes no attempt to interpret the site’s history in its design: it’s a square, two-storey, glass and steel structure located in the centre of the site, its central courtyard and glass walls cleverly mirroring the canopies over the original cellar walls and allowing visitors freedom to see the outside world from anywhere on the ground floor.

A ‘grey natural stone’ was specified for the museum’s flooring, the design calling for the same material to be used inside the building, for the central courtyard and for the paths leading to the cellar-wall exhibits. Ursula Wilms chose SSQ Riverstone® architectural stone with a Brushed Antique finish to provide a hard wearing, slip-resistant surface. Of the 5,370m2 supplied for the project, almost 75% were calibrated to a fine tolerance and cut to a precise 49.6 x 49.6cm square.

Clarion Post Hotel, Sweden, Riverstone Architectural

Hotel Post Sweden600.jpgLocation: Sweden
Slate Used: Riverstone

The award-winning Clarion Post Hotel in Gothenburg is a new hotel created from the refurbishment of the historic old Post Office in the centre of Gothenburg.

The project required a sympathetic treatment of the existing building due to its immense popular appeal. The original building was a neo-classical building created by Sweden’s leading public buildings architect, Ernst Torulf, in the 1920s. It had recently been designated as a historical building by the local authorities adding to the challenge presented to architects Semren & Månsson. As well as the aesthetic requirements the building was also required to meet stringent logistical, features and facilities specifications in order to support the change of use to a modern, high quality hotel.

A new building, located immediately next to the Post Office, occupying what was once a delivery yard was designed to contain 500 rooms with swimming pool and roof top terracing.

Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casion, Macau, Riverstone Architectural

Grand LisboaLocation: Macau, China
Architect: Dennis Lau and Ng Chun Man Architects and Engineers (HK) Ltd
Slate Used: SSQ Riverstone® architectural stone (interior cladding)

The Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino is the flagship of billionaire entrepreneur Dr Stanley Ho’s gambling empire. The casino opened on 11 February 2007, the hotel being due for completion late in 2008.

Situated at the northern-end of the Macau-Taipa Bridge, the hotel stands opposite its famous namesake and sister hotel, the Lisboa. The dramatic new 40-storey hotel has the distinction of being Macau’s tallest building and is shaped to resemble a bright yellow lotus flower (the official emblem of China’s Macau Special Administrative Region) – the hotel erupting out of the bulbous, eight-story casino complex it surmounts. Designed to be the most luxurious hotel and casino in Asia, the opulence of the USD375million project rivals anything its competitors in Las Vegas can offer.

SSQ Riverstone® architectural stone was selected for use as wall cladding in the Grand Buffet, one of the casino’s six restaurants which, the casino’s website proclaims, offers diners “the longest buffet-bar in Asia – over 200ft of sumptuousness!”. (Can’t wait to try the fortune cookies!)

Miramar Hotel, Hong Kong, Riverstone Architectural

Miramar HotelLocation: Hong Kong
Architect: Design Corporation, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Slate Used: SSQ Riverstone® architectural stone

This 50 year old hotel, formerly known as the Miramar Hotel, re-opened its doors on the 18th September 2009 after undergoing a USD$65 million transformation. As the general manager commented ‘The hotel, now renamed as the Mira Hotel, is stylish, iconoclastic and highly individualised and it exists and aims to create an unforgettable city experience. It is said that the truth is rarely pure and simple: here is a destination so desirable, it’s closer to fiction’.

Riverstone was used in the 1/3 of the guestroom bathrooms (approx. 150), which includes 56 suites. A mixture of 50m2 honed and 3,000 m2 brushed antique was used to clad the walls and create the floor covering. Riverstone was chosen due to its durability and most importantly because of the inherent ‘life and character’ of the stone, complementing the vivacity and ethos of the hotel.

Not surprisingly, in the short amount of time it has been reopened, it has already won many prizes, 2 of them being entries into the coveted Condé Nast Traveller UK and US Hot lists. A worthy accrediation that makes me want to book a flight and go and indulge in what the hotel has to offer!

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