Inspirations Brochure

A familiar material across the UK’s rural and industrial landscape, slate has been used for roofing since time immemorial. People welcome this most iconic of natural materials into both commercial developments and residential buildings across the UK. This brochure has been designed to illustrate the solutions that slate can offer to some of the most common architectural problems.
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Del Carmen Brochure

Del Carmen is one of the few slates certified for use by English Heritage and Historic Scotland, the leading authorities charged with preserving Britain’s landmarks structures, such as Buckingham Palace and the British Museum.
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Domiz First Brochure

SSQ Domiz slate is a rich, blue-grey colour similar to that of slate found in Devon and Cornwall. The colour is totally natural and will not fade, even in the strongest sunlight or harshest environments.
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Matacouta Ultra Heavy Brochure

SSQ Matacouta roofing slate is a deep blue-black colour and has a traditional riven texture. SSQ Matacouta roofing slate has been accepted for use on restoration projects or within conservation areas in Scotland.
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Sarria First Brochure

SSQ Sarria slate is a deep blue-black colour with a distinct blue tinge in sunlight and is attractively speckled with inert mineral inclusions. The rock splits cleanly, the consistently flat surface of the cleave offering a smooth appearance across a roof’s surface.
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Riverstone Brochure

Riverstone is phyllite slate. Phyllite slate is rare – there are just a handful of quarries worldwide. Of these, only a few produce stone with the cleavage characteristics needed to make roofing tiles. Riverstone phyllite slate offers superior performance for the most demanding requirements.
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Riverstone Architectural Stone Brochure

The finest natural stone for flooring, cladding, stairs, skirtings, worktops, copings, swimming pools, sills and patios.
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SSQ Heritage Slate BrochureHeritage Roofing Slates Brochure

The quality of SSQ roofing slate has led to it being approved as an alternative to indigenous slate by many of the UK’s principal conservation agencies.
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