What Makes SSQ Different?

Why SSQ 1There’s a reason thousands of architects, hundreds of roofers and countless homeowners across the world choose to rely on SSQ for a beautiful, quality roof.

When you need a breath-taking roof that is as reliable and long lasting as it is aesthetically stunning, SSQ is the only choice.

SSQ slate is not simply a material to put on your roof; its style and quality is a tradition.

We Believe a Roof is Not Just a Roof. Don’t You?

A roof is not just for keeping the elements out, and a building is not just a set of walls designed for shelter. A real building, with a real roof – with a real heart – should make your jaw drop just a little as your head tilts back and your eyes begin to dance around it.

As one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of slate products, we’ve helped countless numbers of people get that awe-inducing finish they’ve been looking for.

Architects have come to rely on our style and unshakeable, traceable quality for the perfect roof regardless of the project.

Contractors and merchants depend on our never-under-a-million-slates stock levels and expert support service.

Homeowners choose us time and again to get a unique and enviable natural roof that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Whatever the project, we’ve got you covered.

SSQ in the UK

Why SSQ 2Driven by a belief in the beauty and effectiveness of high quality slate, and a passion for a level of service that makes the rest of the industry take a long, hard look at itself, our chairman forged ahead and built SSQ as the first company to import quality slates into the UK market.

Over time, other high quality sources of slate have been identified and added to SSQ’s portfolio, and today we have the largest stock of natural slate in the UK, with a minimum holding of 2 million slates at all times.

As not just suppliers, but quarry owners and producers, we have set the standard for other natural slate suppliers.

SSQ in Europe and the Rest of The World

In more recent years, SSQ has become well known and our slate sought after throughout the world… a testament to our supply of consistently high-quality slate.

With teams posted in 22 countries, a logistics office in North West Spain, and our own quarry in central Argentina, no matter where you are in the world, you don’t have to settle for anything less than SSQ quality.

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