Howzat For A Slate Roof!


Working with Balgores Roofing to bring the mixed-use project at Kent County Cricket Club (KCCC) to life, SSQ has supplied in excess of 8,000 m2 of its Del Carmen, First grade, slates for installation on the roofs of new homes surrounding the club.

The residential part of the mixed-use scheme, which comprises 48 detached three, four and five bedroom houses, required materials to be used that would help complement the surrounding landscape and traditional architecture. As such, SSQ’s Del Carmen First slates were selected in order to preserve the very specific look and feel that the new build properties needed to achieve.

Ian Mitchell, Senior Surveyor from Balgores Roofing said: “Meeting the NHBC’s roofing standards, SSQ’s Del Carmen First slates were a great fit, combining the aesthetic look and feel the properties needed without compromising on the ability to meet very certain standards. In order to achieve a sleek, uniform look, all slates were nailed into place – the roofs are certainly worthy of their new home at the site of the prestigious cricket club now.”

An exclusive slate from the Del Carmen quarry in the Cabrera Mountains of North-West Spain, Del Carmen is consistently hand picked by architects around the world for its unrivalled beauty and exceptionally high quality.

The unique blue-black colour is totally natural and will not fade, even in the strongest sunlight – what’s more, its distinctive faintly rippled riven texture and characteristic longitudinal grain makes it ideal for use all kinds of project.

SSQ’s Del Carmen slate is tested to both the NF 228 and ASTM roofing slate standards – widely recognised as the twin leading global slate testing procedures that test for water absorption levels, flexural and transversal strengths, density and the carbonate and non carbonate content. These testing procedures ensure that the slates will not rust, leach nor fade over time.

Based on these results, a minimum lifespan of 75 years is expected and SSQ provides a guarantee of this duration to reflect this future performance.

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