Sarria “Ultra” on a luxury development in Egerton Park

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Location: Egerton Park, Merry Hill Road, Bushey
Architect: Confidential
Slate Used: SSQ Sarria® Ultra roofing slate

It’s no accident that the Banner Homes Egerton Park development of eight luxury detached five-bedroom properties takes the name of a distinguished sculptor: it really is a study in excellence.

Situated not far from Junction 5 of M1 on Merry Hill Road, Bushey, the project is named after the late Charles Egerton Browne, who for many years lived at Haydon Dell, the site of the new houses.

Browne is renowned for his legacy of animal sculptures, created in bronze. So it is appropriate that Egerton Park should provide such a robust case study of both materials specification and building work that is exemplary for the luxury end of the market.

Banner Homes’ own brochure for the development sets out their stall clearly; speaking of “lifetime homes” and aiming to “surpass our customers’ expectations on every level”. Even the interior decoration in these houses is protected under guarantee, so it’s essential that absolutely every part of this project lives up to its grand billing.

By way of example, take the roofs: they must last, and guarantee not only exceptional looks, but also exceptional performance. Natural slate was chosen because it provides the quality and appearance required for a luxury development. Simply put; artificial alternatives just wouldn’t look right.

Specifiers also needed to consider the fact that the developers insisted that Egerton Park complemented the looks of the picturesque surrounding village, with its historic buildings and distinctive skyline.

SSQ’s Sarria Ultra brand of natural slate fit the requirements perfectly, giving a deep blue-black colour to every roof. In sunlight, the slate has a smart sparkle and distinctive blue tinge overall. Sarria Ultra is an exclusive range to SSQ, which is pre-sorted for maximum consistency of thickness; its natural colour won’t fade, in spite of consistent exposure to direct sun or even harsher environments.

Each of the homes in Egerton Park is unique in terms of its layout, but as a group, the eight must work together within the development. Sarria Ultra slates were chosen because they lend the project the required uniformity of looks.

Consistency of supply was just as important as consistency of appearance. The schedule of work for Egerton Park was tight and the quantity of slate needed large; this slate was chosen because of its continuity and UK availability with a short lead time.

Matt Jackson of Banner Homes, said: “Banner Homes developments always have quality and durability at their heart, no matter where the location. We deliver high specification houses that are designed to last for a millennium but don’t compromise on looks.

“We chose SSQ’s Sarria Ultra slate for Egerton Park because it complements with the eye-catching materials already used in the surrounding village. It gives us an attractive, uniform look across the eight properties, as well as consistent width, the availability we needed, and the guarantee of high performance for years to come.”

Luxury developments demand quality, durability and great looks from all the materials used; and this one is no exception. The use of Sarria Ultra fulfilled these requirements, and the roofs at Egerton Park really do add to the overall beauty of the project. Charles Egerton Browne would be proud.

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