Clarion Post Hotel, Sweden, Riverstone Architectural

Hotel Post Sweden600.jpgLocation: Sweden
Slate Used: Riverstone

The award-winning Clarion Post Hotel in Gothenburg is a new hotel created from the refurbishment of the historic old Post Office in the centre of Gothenburg.

The project required a sympathetic treatment of the existing building due to its immense popular appeal. The original building was a neo-classical building created by Sweden’s leading public buildings architect, Ernst Torulf, in the 1920s. It had recently been designated as a historical building by the local authorities adding to the challenge presented to architects Semren & Månsson. As well as the aesthetic requirements the building was also required to meet stringent logistical, features and facilities specifications in order to support the change of use to a modern, high quality hotel.

A new building, located immediately next to the Post Office, occupying what was once a delivery yard was designed to contain 500 rooms with swimming pool and roof top terracing.

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