Miramar Hotel, Hong Kong, Riverstone Architectural

Miramar HotelLocation: Hong Kong
Architect: Design Corporation, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Slate Used: SSQ Riverstone® architectural stone

This 50 year old hotel, formerly known as the Miramar Hotel, re-opened its doors on the 18th September 2009 after undergoing a USD$65 million transformation. As the general manager commented ‘The hotel, now renamed as the Mira Hotel, is stylish, iconoclastic and highly individualised and it exists and aims to create an unforgettable city experience. It is said that the truth is rarely pure and simple: here is a destination so desirable, it’s closer to fiction’.

Riverstone was used in the 1/3 of the guestroom bathrooms (approx. 150), which includes 56 suites. A mixture of 50m2 honed and 3,000 m2 brushed antique was used to clad the walls and create the floor covering. Riverstone was chosen due to its durability and most importantly because of the inherent ‘life and character’ of the stone, complementing the vivacity and ethos of the hotel.

Not surprisingly, in the short amount of time it has been reopened, it has already won many prizes, 2 of them being entries into the coveted Condé Nast Traveller UK and US Hot lists. A worthy accrediation that makes me want to book a flight and go and indulge in what the hotel has to offer!

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